Encebe Vleeswaren Boxtel

Quality, flavour and health are paramount

Lore Hoogenboom,
supply chain manager at Encebe Vleeswaren

A wide range of organic
processed meat products


Encebe Vleeswaren BV

Encebe Vleeswaren is located next to the Vion production location and headquarters in Boxtel. It has some 125 employees. Encebe offers a wide range of high-quality processed meat products for the consumer market, such as salami, liver sausage and ham. In addition, Encebe also produces products for the industrial market, such as meal components or toppings for soups and pizzas. And finally, the Encebe range contains various specialities, such as porchetta and pulled pork.

Encebe offers a wide range of organic processed meat products and capitalises on the current healthy food trend by offering lean and protein-rich products. The products can be boiled, grilled, fried, smoked or, in the case of dried sausage, fermented. The smoking of processed meat products takes place in a traditional way, using beech wood chips. The processed meat products are produced with passion in an authentic manner by butchers with craftsmanship. Quality, flavour and health are paramount.


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‘Supply chain manager bij Encebe Vleeswaren’

Lore Hoogenboom

Lore works as Supply Chain Manager at Encebe Vleeswaren in Boxtel. After her Food Technology course at Wageningen University & Research, she started as a trainee at Vion to get a broad outlook on the industry. The Encebe operations office for which she works is responsible for sourcing raw materials. These include meat products, such as from abattoirs, as well as herbs and spices. The operations office also plans production. For Lore, this means regular troubleshooting, for instance if production is down due to a malfunction. How does this affect planning, purchasing and supply?

Encebe Vleeswaren Boxtel
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