Vion Farming B.V.


Vion Farming B.V.

Vion Farming is responsible for the supply of porkers and sows from the farm yard to the different Vion abattoirs. In addition, Vion Farming also works with professional, independent intermediaries. Both have regular contact with pig farmers. They take stock of the flows of animals and draw up schedules for their transport. This is done in close consultation with Central Planning in Boxtel. There are some 50 employees at Vion Farming.

Vion Farming also mediates between breeders and pig farmers and has its own field staff that know exactly what piglets the farmers need. After all, a strong and uniform litter of piglets is the starting point for optimal results in pig husbandry. In addition, Vion Farming offers the informationmanagement system Farmingnet to be of continuous service to pig farmers and help them optimise their assets.

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Vion Farming B.V.
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