Tim Seidler, Sales Manager Retail

What has your career been like?

I started as a trainee at Vion in Zeven and Lingen in Germany in August 2003 and I have been working in the food industry ever since. I left Vion in 2006 to gain more experience with one of the main veal producers in Germany and returned to Vion in December 2007. In 2011, I became the Sales Manager for the Zeven location and I have also been responsible for Retail Sales for Germany since February 2013.

What is important to you in your job?

Helping Vion and our partners successfully achieve the challenges set by the market in this very hard and continually changing industry.

What are your tasks?

I have central responsibility for Retail Sales for Germany across several locations. My day-to-day tasks include maintaining relationships with customers, price negotiations and winning new customers.

Why is Vion an appealing company?

As one of the larger food producers in Europe, Vion continually offers new challenges to its employees. These challenges enable me and my team to work and think creatively. And what's more, Vion offers its employees the possibility to continue to develop themselves.

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