Eric de Jong, Commercial Manager

What has your career been like?

I just happened to end up in the meat production world. I started as an export assistant and was given the opportunity to develop, eventually becoming a Commercial Manager responsible for important sales markets for pork like Japan, South Korea and North America.

What is important to you in your job?

Appreciation, respect, team spirit and the good relationships that exist among colleagues at Vion. Mutual trust is necessary to be able to build long-term business relationships that feel good to everyone.

What are your tasks?

I sell pork to customers in Japan, South Korea and North America. The meat is produced by Vion companies in the Netherlands and Germany and we deliver to the retail, wholesale, industrial and food service sectors. People's attitudes are different in different countries and the ability to empathise is very important for me as the basis for establishing a good relationship. As a rule, this takes more time in Asia than in North America.

Why is Vion an appealing company?

Vion's international scope enables me to work in several countries. I adapt myself to every country and it’s this variety that I like. Due to Vion's size, we are respected as serious partners and we do business with large companies. Independence, responsibility and a good feel for commerce are vital for this.

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